What makes a person a Hindu?

As a Christian who lives in a predominantly Hindu suburb I know from personal experience that it is important to understand Hinduism through the eyes of Hindus (and not just their Western interpreters). So when a Hindu writes on “What makes a person a Hindu?” or “What does following Sanatana Dharma mean?” I pay attention.Continue reading “What makes a person a Hindu?”

Reincarnation and all that

In “New Religions as Global Cultures” (1997, 101-102), Irving Hexham and Karla Poewe write: “Within the Yogic tradition, ideas of rebirth are logically related to belief in karma. Traditionally, rebirth is explained in two ways. Hindus believe that when human beings die, their souls pass – transmigrate – into another body. Buddhists, in contrast, denyContinue reading “Reincarnation and all that”