The morning that Death was killed by Steve Turner

The morning that Death was killed I woke in a place that was dark The air was spicy and still I was bandaged from head to foot The morning that death was killed. I rose from a mattress of stone I folded my clothes on the sill I heard the door rolling open The morningContinue reading “The morning that Death was killed by Steve Turner”

Jesus and the Resurrection in the Gospel of Mark

It is unfortunate, I think, that Western Christianity has emphasized the crucifixion to such a degree that the resurrection, the good news, is often eclipsed. Consider the three prophecies Jesus made of himself in the second half of the Gospel according to Mark. He then began to teach them that the Son of Man mustContinue reading “Jesus and the Resurrection in the Gospel of Mark”

Living the Resurrection

What does resurrection mean for you? This is where differing views on eschatology and apocalyptics have profound implications for discipleship. If you view the future as relevant for the present only in so far as the last judgement can be calculated to the near future, then chances you’ll treat the resurrection mostly as something toContinue reading “Living the Resurrection”

Christian Art: Jesus Risen and Ascended

Here’s my lastest Christian art find: “He Is Risen” – Carol Manasse, 2005. Carol writes: “This painting portrays the crucified, risen and ascended Lord Jesus Christ. The lower third depicts the captive souls snatched from the flames per Ephesians 4:8. The upper third portrays the ascended Christ per the vision of the Apostle John inContinue reading “Christian Art: Jesus Risen and Ascended”

Resurrection and the Missional Impulse

Sunday, a day for remembering. Here are some thoughts on the implications of the resurrection from some other bloggers I’ve stumbled across. Robert C. Tannehill points out that the resurrection narrative in Luke 24 has a chiastic structure that highlights mission. Brian Russell makes some similar observations about Luke 24 and adds, “The proclamation ofContinue reading “Resurrection and the Missional Impulse”