Why the peace movement needs to shift focus, and fast

Traditionally the peace movement has focussed on holding states to account for their injustices through tactics that rob them of their moral authority and social support. Think Ghandi. Think Martin Luther King. This tradition is outdated. Here’s why: The rise of non-state actors The first reason traditional pacifism is outdated is this, we are noContinue reading “Why the peace movement needs to shift focus, and fast”

Activist Robotics

Well, it looks like the military aren’t the only ones getting into robotics. Now activists are getting into the high tech action. Pamphleteer: A Propaganda Robot for Cultural Resistance “This paper presents research findings based on performance evaluation of Pamphleteer, a propaganda robot which automates the often dangerous practice of distributing subversive literature to theContinue reading “Activist Robotics”

Killer Robot has “Software Glitch”. Ooops!

Most people don’t realize it yet, but right now the future of war is crashing into the present. Right now, this year, the world of conflict is undergoing a profound shift. Does it have social and ethical implications? You betcha. Just listen to this guy. Related Articles: Reuters: Killer Robots and a Revolution in Warfare –Continue reading “Killer Robot has “Software Glitch”. Ooops!”

Military Robots and War Ethics

With the increasing number and autonomy of robots in military conflicts these days, I think its time for Christians to start asking the ethical war questions: What, for instance, are the implications for Just War doctrine? Can a robot make a moral decision? Can it judge proportionality? If not, how can increasing autonomy be ethically justified? And then thereContinue reading “Military Robots and War Ethics”