What Is Natural Theology?

The following explanation of Natural Theology is sourced from the Gifford Lectures. Traditionally natural theology is the term used for the attempt to prove the existence of God and divine purpose through observation of nature and the use of human reason. Seen in a more positive light natural theology is the part of theology that doesContinue reading “What Is Natural Theology?”

The Anthropic Principle as a Humanist God of the Gaps

Lee Smolin makes an interesting observation about String Theorists in “The Trouble with Physics: The Rise of String Theory, The Fall of a Science and What Comes Next”. He states, “The scenario of many unobserved universes plays the same logical role as the scenario of an intelligent designer. Each provides an untestable hypothesis that, if true,Continue reading “The Anthropic Principle as a Humanist God of the Gaps”

5 science questions that are actually interesting

Most conversations about Christianity and Science bore me. Not because I am uninterested in Christianity. Not because I am uninterested in science. Not because I am uninterested in the interactions between the two. But because the conversations seem to revolve around the same stale question – did we or did we not evolve? Personally I would like to seeContinue reading “5 science questions that are actually interesting”

Christianity and Science: Damned Either Way?

In “Humble Apologetics”, John Stackhouse highlights some curious inconsistencies with how Christianity is viewed in popular consciousness: Another sort of widespread belief regarding other religions is particularly ironic in the light of the supposed opposition of science and Christianity. Those of our neighbours who are in fact disaffected with science, technology and modern life inContinue reading “Christianity and Science: Damned Either Way?”

An Interview with Rachael Kohn

Rachael Kohn is the host of The Spirit of Things on ABC Radio National and author of The New Believers, a popular book on contemporary trends in western spirituality. I recently had the opportunity to interview her on the launch of her latest book, CURIOUS OBSESSIONS in the history of Science and Spirituality. Matt Stone:Continue reading “An Interview with Rachael Kohn”