The minimalism of the desert monks

The abbot Theodore of Pherme had three fine codices. And he came to the abbot Macarius and said to him. “I have three codices, and I profit by the reading of them. And the brethren also come seeking to read them, and they themselves profit. Tell me, therefore, what I ought to do?” And theContinue reading “The minimalism of the desert monks”

Gathering the AA Way

Christianity Today has published a fantastic article on AA and transformative small groups. There is so much thought provoking content here. Here are just a few quotes I am taking away from it. “AA has what the contemporary church, or at least a large portion of the contemporary evangelical church, seems to lack: a clearContinue reading “Gathering the AA Way”

Christian ethics isn’t complicated

Christian ethics is as simple as this: love God, love others. Everything else is commentary. Love Others Physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, verbal and mental abuse, these are all spoken against by Jesus and the prophets as they violate the command to love others. This command is pretty open ended too, extending even toContinue reading “Christian ethics isn’t complicated”

Worshipping As You Go

An essential aspect of a sent Christian lifestyle, in my experience, is worshipping as you go. If you’re going to be connecting with God in the world, if you’re going to be modelling church amongst the unchurched, it’s important to develop the discipline of worshipping God, wherever you are, with whatever you’ve got. Even ifContinue reading “Worshipping As You Go”

Simple Living

I am thinking about simple living today. In an earlier thread I asked, “How much of the need for [home] protection is a reflection of socio-economic disparities?” I suggested, “Another way to protect our homes is through modest living.” Then, as providence would have it, I came across some new research from George Barna that suggestedContinue reading “Simple Living”