Missing the mark on sin

Sin is a much misunderstood concept. Often because we Christians explain it badly. We talk about sin as if it’s simply the pursuit of bad things. But it’s not. It’s more often the pursuit of good things as if they’re ultimate things, and in the process missing out on what is truly best in life. It’s about falling short ofContinue reading “Missing the mark on sin”

Knowledge Is Not Sin

A common accusation made by critics against orthodox Christians is that Christians equate knowledge with sin. For example, in The Gnostic Bible, the editor Marvin Meyer writes of “the fundamental biblical notion that knowledge is sin.” But is this notion as biblical as Gnostics assert? No, if fact such proclamations represent a fundamental misunderstanding of theContinue reading “Knowledge Is Not Sin”

Is animal death a consequence of original sin?

Maybe you have never asked yourself this question, but then again, maybe you have. In any case it seems I thought some of you might find this question I was asked of interest: “I have a question that I feel exposes my stupidity on something I should know lol; but I have to ask this.Continue reading “Is animal death a consequence of original sin?”

Are good and evil equal and opposite?

In many ethical systems good and evil are seen are equal and opposite. In monistic systems, like Taoism, good and evil are seen as equally relative and illusory. This is reflected in the design of the Yin Yang symbol. In dualistic systems, like Zoroastrianism, good and evil are seen as equally absolute and hyper-real, originatingContinue reading “Are good and evil equal and opposite?”

Adam and Eve tempted by the Ring of Sauron

So many people misunderstand the Two Trees in the Genesis story that I thought I would give it some mythological reworking, Lord of the Rings style, to illustrate the nature of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil more clearly for people who know movies well, but bibles not so much. For the fruit of theContinue reading “Adam and Eve tempted by the Ring of Sauron”

Is sin sexy?

Is this how you imaging Eve? In researching Christian art I frequently come across highly sexualised interpretations of the temptation of Eve, with artists playing up the possibility that original sin was related to sexual knowledge. Often this atmosphere is accentuated by having the snake draped over Eve in ways not normally witnessed outside ofContinue reading “Is sin sexy?”

How do you understand sin?

There has been a great discussion going on over at the Pagan and Christian Moot over our different understandings of sin, so I thought I would provide space for conversation here at Curious Christian as well. The comment of mine that generated the most response was this: “… I think it is a mistake to interpret sinContinue reading “How do you understand sin?”

Karma, Sin and Suffering

Sin is a much misunderstood word. Even the experts can miss the mark. The other day I was reading a comparison of Christianity and Buddhism in which the author opinioned that Christianity is more concerned with sin whereas Buddhism is more concerned with suffering. This, however, is a category confusion. A more helpful way ofContinue reading “Karma, Sin and Suffering”