Sexual Longing and Sacred Art

Following are a series of images inspired by the Song of Songs, a celebration of sexual love that is unique within the Old Testament scripture. “Song of Songs – Verse 3” by Anna Ruth Heriques “Song of Songs” by Eric Gill “Song of Songs” by Ruth Galanti “Song of Songs” by Yaron Livey For moreContinue reading “Sexual Longing and Sacred Art”

Black and Beautiful?

I fear something has been lost here in artistic translation. Consider this image inspired by the Song of Songs, then consider the verse below from the Song of Songs. Can you spot the incongruity?   I am black and beautiful,     O daughters of Jerusalem, like the tents of Kedar,     like the curtains of Solomon. DoContinue reading “Black and Beautiful?”

Sensual Scripture

The Song of Songs, that most sensual of Old Testament poems, is not directly quoted by New Testament writers. But some New Testament interpreters suggest it is alluded to on a number of occasions. See what you think. The bridegroom knocks I slept but my heart was awake. Listen! My lover is knocking: “Open to me,Continue reading “Sensual Scripture”

The Sacred Marriage in Pagan and Christian Dialogue

Is YHWH unbalanced without a wife? I recently had a conversation with a number of Pagans and Christians that was very helpful for me in crystalizing my thinking on gender and God and why Pagans and Christians often end up talking past each other on God and gender issues. I now think a significant pieceContinue reading “The Sacred Marriage in Pagan and Christian Dialogue”

Contemporary Christian art – Song of Songs

Contemporary Christian art without a religious aftertaste. That’s the tag line of Christian art painter Cornelis Monsma, who describes himself as “a modern day self-professed expressionist visual artist [who] seeks to create modern Christian fine art work that aims to visualise the deeper truth of Christianity.” This painting, inspired by the Song of Songs in the OldContinue reading “Contemporary Christian art – Song of Songs”