Are voters uninterested in moral issues?

The Barna Group says “Voters Most Interested in Issues Concerning Security and Comfort, Least Interested in Moral Issues” but I’m curious as to why they don’t consider terrorism, war, tax policy, immigration policy or health care moral issues. For that matter, is there any aspect of life, public or private, that doesn’t have some sortContinue reading “Are voters uninterested in moral issues?”

Survey finds Christmas is about family

Found an interesting article on Australian attitudes to Christmas via atheist blogger Sean the Blogonaut. When 800 Australians were polled about Christmas: 75 per cent said it was about good times with family and friends 20 per cent said the day was about the birth of Christ 3 per cent said it was about givingContinue reading “Survey finds Christmas is about family”

Australian multiculturalism

Yesterday we heard that “the AMP-NATSEM Income and Wealth Report shows Australia is one of the most multicultural nations in the world, second only to Luxembourg and tying with Switzerland. One-quarter of our population was born overseas, almost twice the proportion of the United States and more than twice that of Britain.”

Australians not so Sceptical about Jesus?

There seems to be a lot of chatter on the web this week about John Dickson’s new survey on Jesus in Australia. Christian Today has spoken of the “surprising” results “that 42 per cent of Australians believe Jesus had divine powers and 54 per cent believe he rose from the dead.” I, however, do notContinue reading “Australians not so Sceptical about Jesus?”