Stress, Relaxation and the Scriptures

Having been back at work a week now, my mind turns to stress and relaxation. The cruise we’ve just returned from in the South Pacific was wonderful. I had a “hot stone” massage on the first day which did wonders for all the built up tension in my neck and shoulders, I caught up withContinue reading “Stress, Relaxation and the Scriptures”

Jesus calms the storms

Yesterday I was really struggling with stress and reading about ritual and thinking, I need something to help. So I sat and reflected and, after a while, the story of Jesus calming the wind and the waves came to me. So I did a visualisation exercise using that story as a foundation, weaving in a numberContinue reading “Jesus calms the storms”

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Here’s proof that consumerism doesn’t by happiness. Donna and I spent our honeymoon on Vanuatu and on the island of Tanna we met the happiest people ever living in dirt floored huts. And here’s me, reading this after having one hell of a stressful week and just recovering from sickness after my immune system crashed.Continue reading “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”