Coincidentia Oppositorum In Nicholas Of Cusas Sermons

I just finished reading a fascinating paper on Coincidentia Oppositorum In Nicholas Of Cusas Sermons by Jasper Hopkins. The closest thing I can compare it to is the philosophy of the Buddhist sage Nagarjuna, with its echoes of Nagarjuna’s teachings on co-dependant origination. Those familiar with Zen or Taoism may get what I mean. And yet,Continue reading “Coincidentia Oppositorum In Nicholas Of Cusas Sermons”

Breakfast with Lao Tzu

Actually, I have no idea what this image is called, but “Breakfast with Lao Tzu” sounds good to me so I’m going to run with it. As an Australian Christian I think its important to engage with Asian philosophy and religion, and surely that includes the Taoism of China. Besides, the Tao Te Ching isContinue reading “Breakfast with Lao Tzu”

Christian Guideposts on Chi

Those of you interested in engaging with the concept of Chi and the related disciplines of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Martial Arts, Fung Shui and so forth, would be well advised to read Christian Guideposts on Chi: An Evangelical Assessment of Chi and Related Activities by Brett Yardley. Here are a few comments I found worthyContinue reading “Christian Guideposts on Chi”

Foundations of Taoist Practice

If you are interested in learning about Taoism I highly recommend “Foundations of Taoist Practice” by Jampa Mackenzie Stewart as an introductory article. It explains such concepts as: the Way (Tao), nothingness (Wu Ji), primordial energy (Qi), Yin And Yang, the Five Elements (Wu Hsing), the  Eight Trigrams (Pa Kua), Martial Arts, Sexual Practice, Feng Shui andContinue reading “Foundations of Taoist Practice”