Wahhabism: A Concern for both Christians and Muslims

I recently commented to some Muslims that it “sounds like the Wahhabis are a thorn in the side of Islam the same way Westboro Batpist and other hate movements are a thorn in the side of Christianity.”

One replied, “Imagine what it would be like if Westboro had several trillion dollars worth of oil, their own publishing houses, and a military. And they started exporting their hate via undermining traditional scholarship, able to buy the press, started funding churches all over the world and started calling themselves ‘authentic’ Christianity. Imagine if they could buy their way into independent churches by subsidising the pastor, building little copies of them all over the world, started their own TV shows, and a free university churning out thousands of missionaries a year to spread their version of Jesus’s (a.s.) teachings. Imagine if they started importing poor youth from Third World countries and disenfranchised youth from richer nations, and paid them to study their syllabus, and then gave them money to go back wealthy and preach.”

“There would be extreme fire and brimstone pastors by the dozen, and more ‘moderates’ who preach about love and compassion, but slowly undermine the established order by slipping in ideas that seem reasonable but actually contradict the Gospels. And imagine of they change the dialogue and created a dichotomy such that any non-Christian is automatically an infidel, and anything to do with them is suspicious. And if anybody called them out, it would be discrimination.”

“Imagine if they could fund proxy wars all over the Christian world to create the chaos they needed to kill the opposing clergy and pastors, and church leaders by funding militants. And then funding ‘peacekeepers’ to stop those militants.”

“Now imagine it has been going on since the early 1900s. That is what Wahhabism is to Islam.”

Matthew Stone, Christian Terrorist?!

Contrary to alarmist reports in the papers today …

Extremists spurred by black president

… I have not surrendered to federal agents and am still on the loose.

But, having been appalled at the links nefarious media conspiracy theroists are drawing between me, Matt Stone, Team America, neanderthal mug shots and Ahmed the Dead Terrorist, I've decided to henceforth rename the Hutaree militia group to the Hugatree peacemaking collective. Peace be with you.

Indian Christian: Attacks have increased our faith

This evening I was reading the latest on Christian persecution in India from Christian Today:

The wave of attacks on churches in Karnataka, India, have only “increased our faith and brought us together,” says Archbishop Bernard Moras, whose initiative has united churches of many denominations.

On June 19, over 200 Christians from various denominations gathered at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Bangalore. They came together under the banner of Karnataka United Christians Forum for Human Rights (KUCFHR).

Addressing the gathering, Archbishop of Bangalore Bernard Moras said, “God has the power to bring good even from evil. The formation of this forum is a testimony to that.”

He pointed out that the attacks on churches, religious personnel, priests, nuns and pastors had “prompted church leaders to think of ways and means to arrest this violation of our right to worship and proclaim our faith.”

He was referring to last year’s assault on churches and prayer halls by right-wing Hindu groups. At least 20 Christian worship places were attacked in the violent crime spree in the coastal districts of Dakshina Kannada. Thousands of people were displaced.

It was following this incident that the forum was birthed by representatives from various Christian groups.

The attacks on Christians, Moras explained, propelled the move for such a platform “where we could identify what is common among us” and even think out-of-the-box for “reaching out to the less fortunate and underprivileged” in our society.

While expressing sadness over remarks such as “Karnataka will become a second Gujarat,” Moras excitedly declared, “Nothing will prevail against the unity of the Church.”

The gathering hosted by CSI Bishop Rev. Vasanth Kumar welcomed delegates from the Methodist, Orthodox, Jacobite, and Believer’s churches, the Federation of Christian Churches as well as independent churches.

Together, they agreed to stick to acceptable methods in proclaiming one’s faith and disfavor unChristian activities such as forceful conversions, allurements and inducements of any kind.

It is good to see some positives coming out of the negatives. I am reminded of the words of Joseph at the end of Genesis, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

Mulitple Incidents of Hindu Terror in India

Mulitple incidents of Hindu terror have been reported against Christians in India this month by Compass Direct News. Here is just one example:

Hindu extremists on Jan. 26 disrupted a baptism and thrashed believers at Gangapur Dam, Nashik district. The Times of India reported that as members of the Navjivan Fellowship Church were conducting a baptism ceremony at the dam, a group of 10 to 12 men armed with cricket stumps, iron rods and sticks arrived and beat those present, including women and children … The Hindustan Times reported that Sangeeta Paulat, who also was injured, said the assailants shouted, “Jai Shri Ram [hail to Lord Ram]” while beating them.

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