How transformative is your God?

How people view God is often influenced by their experience of authority, especially parental authority. Some parents can be quite harsh and tyrannical, always pushing and rarely encouraging. Some parents can be quite the opposite, permissive but not providing much in the way of structure or support. Other parents can be altogether absent. The bestContinue reading “How transformative is your God?”

Jesus as Teacher of Moral Transformation

I have often wondered why Evangelicals tend to imitate the teaching style of Paul more than Jesus, even though Jesus was clearly a popular and profound teacher. What would it mean to teach more like Jesus? Here are some reflections on Jesus as Teacher by Nicholas C. Burbules: As with Socrates, too, these disputatious dialoguesContinue reading “Jesus as Teacher of Moral Transformation”

Transformation as act of confession

“How long must I wrestle with my thoughts and day after day have sorrow in my heart?” (Psalm 13:2)  I love the Psalms for their sheer honesty. Because they lead me into sheer honesty with God. They reassure me, hey, you don’t have to have it all together, you don’t have to wear a fakeContinue reading “Transformation as act of confession”

Life transformation

I don’t know about you, but I’ve often thought evangelical Christianity overemphasises the born again experience, to the detriment of the discipleship experience. For me, discipleship is a process of life transformation, a process that involves both the disciple and the master and the world. Here are two teachings I find very instructive. Do not conform anyContinue reading “Life transformation”

The Quest for Personal Transformation

I have been meditating on transformation and change beyond conversion. Many new religious movements speak of the quest for personal transformation. What does the Jesus movement have to say? Here are a few ancient sayings I am sitting with: And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, youContinue reading “The Quest for Personal Transformation”

Christian transformation has multiple dimensions

When we talk about life transformation or salvation, what do we mean? What does it encompass? Here are a few thoughts from Bryan Myers via Wilderness Wonderings: A lost soul needs to be transformed into a saved soul. A dying body needs to be transformed into a nourished body. A sick body needs to be transformedContinue reading “Christian transformation has multiple dimensions”

Meditation and Ethical Transformation

I was just wondering if there were any people out there that were interested in exploring Christian meditation but were nervous about the whole altered states of consciousness thing? Here is how I see it: I am basically open to altered states of consciousness, I experience them myself, but the value of our meditation practiceContinue reading “Meditation and Ethical Transformation”