The Sacred Marriage

This image, or at least the beginnings of it, came to me as I was coming down from the Blue Mountains this afternoon. In essence, it’s a Christ centered reinterpretation of the sacred marriage, though, in retrospect, it could equally function as a Christ centered reinterpretation of the tree of life. There are some obviousContinue reading “The Sacred Marriage”

The Holy Trinity of Liam Neeson

Benjamin Wheatley sent me this image last night: “One Liam in Three Persons” by ninjaink The artist writes: “As a Catholic, and as a Christian in general, I’m often asked (or told) to explain the nature of the Trinity (one God in 3 Persons). It is a bit of a mystery that takes time and study toContinue reading “The Holy Trinity of Liam Neeson”

Myth Busting

It is often said that Trinitarian teaching was absent in the earliest, most ancient forms of Christianity, that it was a creation of the Council of Nicea. And yet, while you’ll never find an explicit articulation of Trinitianian teaching in the New Testament, there are more than a few implicit reflerences for those with an open mind. TakeContinue reading “Myth Busting”

Trinity in the New Testament

Although the New Testament never defines the Trinity explicitly, there are a number of New Testament passages take us their implicitly. For example: Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19) Because you are sons, GodContinue reading “Trinity in the New Testament”

Nicene Niggly Bits

I have been revisiting the Nicene Creed recently and something struck me: could it unintentionally encourage Modalism in the minds of some readers?(1) I think the problem is this: on one level the Nicene Creed is an attempt to articulate how the Father (God above us), the Spirit (God within us) and the Son (God amongContinue reading “Nicene Niggly Bits”