The quick comeback of Amma Sarah

A story is told of Amma Sarah, one of the many desert mothers during the early centuries of Christianity, who refused to be denigrated for being a woman: “Another time, two old men, great anchorites, came to the district of Pelusia to visit her. When they arrived one said to the other, ‘Let us humiliateContinue reading “The quick comeback of Amma Sarah”

Why did Paul say women should be silent in gatherings?

1 Corinthians 14 is often used as a prooftext against women in Christian leadership, but consider this: Paul does not accuse the women of TEACHING PRESUMPTIVELY, rather, he accuses the women of ENQUIRING DISRUPTIVELY. His desire seems to be for speakers to be able to speak without unnecessary interruption. This is the same concern heContinue reading “Why did Paul say women should be silent in gatherings?”

Doing away with false dichotomies

I think it’s worth having a discussion about the false dichotomies that forest church does away with. Traditionally in the west there has been an emphasis on the goodness of the sky, the spirit, the light and men. Yet, the scriptures affirm that YHWH also created the earth, the body, the night and women. AndContinue reading “Doing away with false dichotomies”

Converting to Islam: an Australian woman’s story

When you hear the word “Muslim” what is the first image that comes to mind? A white Australian woman? Possibly not? This is the story of one such convert. I find it valuable, as a Christian, to listen to such stories. And ask myself, why? Why was she drawn towards Islam? In a country likeContinue reading “Converting to Islam: an Australian woman’s story”

Australian Emerging Women Leaders

I received a request from Julie Clawson today that is very appropriate for Australia Day: Hi – Over at the Emerging Women blog we are starting a new series which will highlight the stories of women leaders in the church.  The purpose of this is to raise awareness of how women are serving God andContinue reading “Australian Emerging Women Leaders”