Is it Christian to sack someone?

I was reading some reflections about the web economy, via Alan Hirsch, and it brought me back to a question that has been bugging me for ages. Is it Christian to sack someone? But first, here are the comments that triggered those thoughts: 3. Hierarchies are natural, not prescribed. In any Web forum there areContinue reading “Is it Christian to sack someone?”

Prayer for the Journey

I am facing some significant career choises this week. My contract finishes, not this Friday but the next, and I have received two job offers that I need to decide between. Waiting for the paperwork to arrive. Feeling anxious. Hoping I am making the right decision for me and the family. Prayers for the journeyContinue reading “Prayer for the Journey”

How Christian is my business?

For years now Hillsong have been running a Christian Business Directory for Christians in western Sydney, and apart from the missiological issues this inevitably raises, I have also long wondered, what does it mean to call a business “Christian”? In response to a question about psychology, I recently stated the following: The wariness with psychologyContinue reading “How Christian is my business?”