The tenderness and toughness of Jesus

It is not uncommon for people to have a very lopsided view of Jesus (and consequently God). Some see only his tenderness. Others see only his toughness. The written accounts we have though suggest Jesus was both. Tender on the downtrodden. Tough on those doing the treading. Tender on the humble. Tough on the proud. … Continue reading The tenderness and toughness of Jesus

Parenting Styles and Religious Beliefs

A number of sociologists have observed that people's political views, consciously or otherwise, often tend to mirror the parenting styles that they consider normal or positive. I have observed this is often also true of religious views. On the one hand, many view God as strict and authoritarian, as having a lot to say about law … Continue reading Parenting Styles and Religious Beliefs

Breakfast with Lao Tzu

Actually, I have no idea what this image is called, but "Breakfast with Lao Tzu" sounds good to me so I'm going to run with it. As an Australian Christian I think its important to engage with Asian philosophy and religion, and surely that includes the Taoism of China. Besides, the Tao Te Ching is … Continue reading Breakfast with Lao Tzu

The Yin Yang of World Hunger

"The yin and yang of world hunger" by Imgur I think this yin-yang inspired image nicely illustrates the complete lack of balance between developed and developing nations! And as a citizen of a developed nation I find the prophecy of Jesus quite sobering: "Woe to you who are well fed now, for you will go … Continue reading The Yin Yang of World Hunger

The yin and yang of Christian ethics

  What if, instead of exploring Christian ethics exclusively through the lens of Aristotelian either/or logic, more disciples opened themselves to exploring Christian ethics through the lens of more eastern style both/and logic as well? What would it look like? Well actually I think it would look a lot more like the ethics of Jesus, who, … Continue reading The yin and yang of Christian ethics

Foundations of Taoist Practice

If you are interested in learning about Taoism I highly recommend "Foundations of Taoist Practice" by Jampa Mackenzie Stewart as an introductory article. It explains such concepts as: the Way (Tao), nothingness (Wu Ji), primordial energy (Qi), Yin And Yang, the Five Elements (Wu Hsing), the  Eight Trigrams (Pa Kua), Martial Arts, Sexual Practice, Feng Shui and … Continue reading Foundations of Taoist Practice