Coincidentia Oppositorum In Nicholas Of Cusas Sermons

I just finished reading a fascinating paper on Coincidentia Oppositorum In Nicholas Of Cusas Sermons by Jasper Hopkins. The closest thing I can compare it to is the philosophy of the Buddhist sage Nagarjuna, with its echoes of Nagarjuna’s teachings on co-dependant origination. Those familiar with Zen or Taoism may get what I mean. And yet,Continue reading “Coincidentia Oppositorum In Nicholas Of Cusas Sermons”

John Keenan on The Emptiness of Christ

Some reflections by John P. Keenan on The Emptiness of Christ : The scriptural words of and about Jesus likewise describe him as empty of essence. [The] function of doctrine in Mahayana theology is not to communicate a body of information about God, but to engender a sense of the presence of God beyond all words. It is impossibleContinue reading “John Keenan on The Emptiness of Christ”

Sumi-E Cross

“Sumie Cross” by Isaac Eiranae Fowler Isaac writes: “It’s a ink wash paiting, known as shui-mo hua (水墨畫) in Chinese, sumi-e (墨絵) or suibokuga (水墨画?) in Japanese, sumukhwa (수묵화) in Korean, and tranh thuỷ mặc (幀水墨) in Vietnamese.” I would like to try this style myself. It appeals to my Zen influenced Christian sensabilities.

The Inner Experience of Thomas Merton

I finally managed to purchase a copy of Thomas Merton’s The Inner Experience. I first spotted it at a bookshop in Leura a few weeks ago but only had enough to buy a copy of his Dialogues with Silence. Didn’t see it again till I dropped into Adyar last week. What drew my attention isContinue reading “The Inner Experience of Thomas Merton”