Eve: the first Pandora

The stories of Eve and Pandora are equated in this 1550 painting by Jean Cousin the Elder, Eva Prima Pandora (Eve the first Pandora). It features a naked woman reclining in a grotto. Her right elbow rests on a skull, indicating the bringing of death, and she holds an apple branch in that hand – … Continue reading Eve: the first Pandora

Anti-semitism is UnChristian

Christian anti-semitism makes no sense, as not only was Jesus Jewish, so too were the vast majority of the earliest Christians, including the bulk of the New Testament writers. Whether anti-semites realise it or not, thosen who maintain prejudices against Jews maintain prejudices against Jesus, Peter, Paul, Mary, John, Mark, Matthew, James, and many more … Continue reading Anti-semitism is UnChristian

A poem by St John of the Cross

"I came into the unknown and stayed there unknowing rising beyond all science. I did not know the door but when I found the way, unknowing where I was, I learned enormous things, but what I felt I cannot say, for I remained unknowing, rising beyond all science. It was the perfect realm of holiness … Continue reading A poem by St John of the Cross

Terminator Jesus: Dark Fate

In honour of the release of Terminator: Dark Fate, here is some religiously themed Terminator art. I kind of like in a way that some of these images show the myth of redemptive violence (against enemies), that is on full display in the Terminator franchise, conflicts with the Christian understanding of redemption through faithful perseverance … Continue reading Terminator Jesus: Dark Fate

Stories for Mystics

Stories are fairly foundational to different Christian traditions so I think it’s worth reflecting for a moment on the stories that have been most important to Christian mysticism over the centuries. Stories that are most frequently referenced include Jacob’s ladder, Moses and the burning bush, Moses receiving the ten commandments, the throne visions of Isaiah … Continue reading Stories for Mystics

Are we dancing to the tune of Jesus?

We are called to be united in Christ. We are not called to be united in culture. On the contrary, the book of Revelation looks forward to the best that each and every culture has to offer being brought under the lordship of Christ. There should be no such thing as Christian music styles and … Continue reading Are we dancing to the tune of Jesus?

Not always moral examples

I despair at Christians who read the Bible in a flat manner. The examples of Abraham, Moses, David, and Jesus were never meant to be taken as equivalent moral examples. Abraham was a terrible husband and father, David was a rapist and murderer, and even Moses stuffed up to the point God denied him entry … Continue reading Not always moral examples