The Confession of Dirk Willems

The Confession of Dirk Willems Source: What I remember mostis the joy of God’s words on our lips,in our hearts.That good news bubbling out,freely shared with any person we met,old categories of friend and foe forgotten.I remember the power of God changing us,from empty Christiansto disciples full of fire.I confessed my faithand chose baptism,Continue reading “The Confession of Dirk Willems”

Anabaptism and Mysticism

I find Anabaptism and Mysticism overlap in a number of interesting ways.  Both emphasise the limitations of theological pontification, the Anabaptist tradition through an emphasis on everyday discipleship, the Mystical tradition through negative theology and an emphasis on direct experience.  Both also emphasise the goal of unity and the process of reconciliation, the Anabaptist traditionContinue reading “Anabaptism and Mysticism”

Am We Marxist Just Because We’re Anti-Racist?

You won’t find “racism” mentioned in the Bible. Such language arose far more recently. What you will find though is plenty of mention of “foreigners” and “gentiles” who dwell amongst you and how you should treat them. For example, in the book of Exodus we are told: “Do not oppress a foreigner; you yourselves knowContinue reading “Am We Marxist Just Because We’re Anti-Racist?”

Unjust Laws: When Sin is Institutionalised

I’ve been told by many so-called conservatives on many occasions that the Bible has nothing to say on social justice and institutionalised sin – that it’s only concerned only with the actions of individuals and Christians with social justice concerns are just following the culture. I would suggest such individualism is itself more reflective ofContinue reading “Unjust Laws: When Sin is Institutionalised”

Felt Needs vs Real Needs

The problem with adapting church to our felt needs is that our felt needs, our desires, can sometimes be precisely what stands in the way of our own transformation. We need to critically examine our felt needs in the light of scripture rather than presuming their sovereignty. Failure to do so often leaves us withContinue reading “Felt Needs vs Real Needs”

Prayer before studying the Bible

This is a prayer that may be used to open a session of Bible study. It was written by Julie Palmer. As we open our Bibles We also open our hearts. May these words of truth fall upon the very fabric of our lives. Father, we pray that these ancient scriptures would come alive withinContinue reading “Prayer before studying the Bible”

Churches fighting government over vaccine mandate?

This morning the Sydney Morning Herald reported on opposition to proof of vacination mandates by a number of church leaders including the Catholic Archbiship of Sydney and Anglican Archbiship of Sydney. I think this exposes some stark differences over how different people define “church”. If you define “church” in terms of community, as I andContinue reading “Churches fighting government over vaccine mandate?”