The Confession of Dirk Willems

The Confession of Dirk Willems Source: What I remember mostis the joy of God’s words on our lips,in our hearts.That good news bubbling out,freely shared with any person we met,old categories of friend and foe forgotten.I remember the power of God changing us,from empty Christiansto disciples full of fire.I confessed my faithand chose baptism,Continue reading “The Confession of Dirk Willems”

How should Neo-Anabaptists engage the world as the church?

I always appreciate a critique that gets me to think deeper about my own path. That’s what I found in James Hunter, Neo-Anabaptists, and the Ekklesia Project. After correctly differentiating Neo-Anabaptists from both the Evangelical Left and Evangelical Right, the auther sums up James Hunter’s critique as follows: I now turn to the way inContinue reading “How should Neo-Anabaptists engage the world as the church?”

Meditation, Anabaptist style

I have been thinking about meditation and prayer today, particularly in terms of how different understandings of Christianity can lead to different approaches to meditation. You may recall my recent comments on the differences between Dispensational, Covenant and Christocentric theology? Well, how might that feed into a discussion on meditation and prayer? I would likeContinue reading “Meditation, Anabaptist style”

The Naked Anabaptist by Stuart Murray

I’ve learned that Stuart Murray’s new book, The Naked Anabaptist, is scheduled for publication in July 2010. It’s about Anabaptist Christianity “stripped down to the bare essentials.” Here’s some extracts: In many nations, then, not only in Britain and Ireland, there are growing numbers of ‘neo-Anabaptists’ and ‘hyphenated Anabaptists’. Neo-Anabaptists identify with the Anabaptist tradition andContinue reading “The Naked Anabaptist by Stuart Murray”