How to explain my approach to Christianity

wells.jpgIt is difficult when people ask me to explain my approach to Christianity because it has been informed by so many Christian traditions – evangelical and esoteric, protestant and catholic, anabaptist and orthodox, mystic and charismatic, asian and celtic – as well as my own experience and explorations. I like the analogy of wells vs fences. Christ is the centre of my Christianity, the source of my Spiritual sustenance. But I don’t care much for people trying to box me in.


4 thoughts on “How to explain my approach to Christianity

  1. Dear Matt & friends, I would like to see more clearly into the whole issue of orthodox versus esoteric Christianity. I have read Inner Christianity by R. Smoley and other stuff but can someone advice me more good reads on the subject, which is rather a minefield. I consider myself an open-minded Christian but Christ is at the center. Thx. Fred


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