Violence can’t murder murder

Martin Luther King once said, “Violence may murder the murderer, but it doesn’t murder murder. Violence may murder the liar, but it doesn’t murder lies; it doesn’t establish truth…. Violence may go to the point of murdering the hater, but it doesn’t murder hate. It may increase hate. It is always a descending spiral leadingContinue reading “Violence can’t murder murder”

War is not a solution for terrorism

Howard Zinn once observed, “If a bomb is deliberately dropped on a house or a vehicle on the grounds that a “suspected terrorist” is inside . . . , the resulting deaths of women and children may not be intentional. But neither are they accidental. The proper description is “inevitable.” So if an action willContinue reading “War is not a solution for terrorism”

Why did Jesus tell the disciples to buy swords?

Every time there is a mass shooting in America and a cry goes out for gun law reform, I invariably hear someone citing Jesus’ instruction to buy swords in Luke 22:35-38 as justification for violent self defence and legislative inaction. Interpreting it as such is problematic though. Consider: what did Jesus say the two swords were “enough” for?Continue reading “Why did Jesus tell the disciples to buy swords?”