Violence can’t murder murder

Martin Luther King once said, "Violence may murder the murderer, but it doesn't murder murder. Violence may murder the liar, but it doesn't murder lies; it doesn't establish truth.... Violence may go to the point of murdering the hater, but it doesn't murder hate. It may increase hate. It is always a descending spiral leading … Continue reading Violence can’t murder murder

War is not a solution for terrorism

Howard Zinn once observed, "If a bomb is deliberately dropped on a house or a vehicle on the grounds that a "suspected terrorist" is inside . . . , the resulting deaths of women and children may not be intentional. But neither are they accidental. The proper description is "inevitable." So if an action will … Continue reading War is not a solution for terrorism

Gun worship

Gun bless America

I have gathered here a collection of comics and other images that challenge gun worship. Alan Redpath, a well-known British pastor and author, once defined idolatry this way: “Our god is the thing we think is the most precious. For whom we would make the most sacrifice. Who moves our hearts with the warmest love. … Continue reading Gun bless America

Do not envy the violent

The book of Proverbs cautions against envying the violent. But we live in a society that glorifies violence, that sees it as entertaining even. It is hard not to follow in their ways. It is easy to sit in judgment on cultures like that of the Romans, saying that they were barbaric in their gladiator … Continue reading Do not envy the violent

Why did Jesus tell the disciples to buy swords?

Every time there is a mass shooting in America and a cry goes out for gun law reform, I invariably hear someone citing Jesus' instruction to buy swords in Luke 22:35-38 as justification for violent self defence and legislative inaction. Interpreting it as such is problematic though. Consider: what did Jesus say the two swords were "enough" for? … Continue reading Why did Jesus tell the disciples to buy swords?

How can one death make any difference?

The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, "Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!" (John 1:29) When we consider the blood spilled every day in the wars that rage across the surface of the earth, it is difficult to comprehend how one more death can … Continue reading How can one death make any difference?