Prayer against the darkness

My inner demons have been getting the better of me lately, so I am trying to fight back. This prayer comes from Saint Ignatius of Loyola: O Christ Jesus when all is darkness and we feel our weakness and helplessness, give us the sense of Your presence, Your love, and Your strength. Help us to … Continue reading Prayer against the darkness

Fasting in the Old Testament

I have always struggled with fasting as a practice, at least in terms of food. Recently though I have begun exploring what Jesus and the prophets had to say about it, as well as what later commentators have said. I found has an excellent summary of fasting as practiced and understood by the Hebrews … Continue reading Fasting in the Old Testament

Isaiah the naked prophet

I am not one for going sky clad, but if I were so inclined it wouldn’t be without biblical precedent. The prophet Isaiah walked around naked for three years in a stunning act of performance art. In the book of Isaiah it is written, “Just as my servant Isaiah has walked naked and barefoot for … Continue reading Isaiah the naked prophet

Do not be ashamed to enter the Church

John Chrystotom once said, “Do not be ashamed to enter again into the Church. Be ashamed when you sin. Do not be ashamed when you repent. Pay attention to what the devil did to you. These are two things: sin and repentance. Sin is a wound; repentance is a medicine. Just as there are for … Continue reading Do not be ashamed to enter the Church

Evidence for Christ from non-Christians

Surprising as it may be for some, there is actually quite a bit of historical evidence for Jesus from non-Christian sources. This is the best kind of evidence as if anything it is biased against Christianity, rather than for it, the writers having no vested interest in proving the historicity of Jesus.   Evidence from … Continue reading Evidence for Christ from non-Christians