My Fear of the Sound of an Axe

Celtic monks left the forest standing at the sites of their monasteries rather than cut them. Adaman, Columba’s biographer, tells the story of how the Irish King Aedh gave a plot of land in Doire to Columba: And he [Columba] had so great a love for Doire, and the cutting of the oak trees went … Continue reading My Fear of the Sound of an Axe

Ancient Irish poem on the Trinity

Three folds of the cloth, yet only one napkin is there, Three joints of the finger, but still only one finger fair, Three leaves of the shamrock, yet no more than one shamrock to wear, Frost, snow-flakes and ice, all water their origin share, Three Persons in God; to one God alone we make our … Continue reading Ancient Irish poem on the Trinity

Reflections on Druidic Christology

In his Reflections on Druidic Christology, Rev. Alistair Bate comments that, "As an example of orthodox Christology finding its way into Druidic ceremonial I would like to consider the benediction at the end of the traditional (O.B.O.D.) ritual for Imbolc; 'May the blessing of the Uncreated One, of the Created Word and of the Spirit that … Continue reading Reflections on Druidic Christology

God Guide Me: Celtic Prayer

DHE STIUIR MI God Guide Me From the Carmina Gadelica GOD guide me with Thy wisdom, God chastise me with Thy justice, God help me with Thy mercy, God protect me with Thy strength. God fill me with Thy fullness, God shield me with Thy shade, God fill me with Thy grace, For the sake of … Continue reading God Guide Me: Celtic Prayer

Celtic rites for Glastonbury

Came across this thru Wild Hunt Blog. "AN Anglican and a Roman Catholic bishop are to attend the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, which begins next week. The Bishop of Clifton, the Rt Revd Declan Lang, and the Bishop of Bath & Wells, the Rt Revd Peter Price, will be at the festival on … Continue reading Celtic rites for Glastonbury

1200-year-old prayer book discovered in bog

If you have an interest in Celtic Christianity, take note. An ancient prayer book recently found in an Irish bog is being hailed as one of Ireland's most significant archeological discoveries. The National Museum of Ireland said fragments of what appeared to be an ancient Psalter or Book of Psalms, written about AD800, were uncovered … Continue reading 1200-year-old prayer book discovered in bog