God of the Moon, God of the Sun

Dia Na Gile, Dia Na Greine
God of the Moon, God of the Sun

A hymn from the Carmina Gadelica

DIA na gile, Dia na greine,
Dh’ orduich dhuinne Mac na meine.
Muire min gheal air a glun,
Criosda nigh nan dul ’n a h-uchd.
Is mise an cleireach stucanach,
Dol timcheall nan clach stacanach,
Is leir dhomh tulach, is leir dhomh traigh,
Is leir dhomh ainghlean air an t-snamh,
Is leir dhomh calpa cuimir, cruinn,
A tighinn air tir le cairdeas duinn.

GOD of the moon, God of the sun,
Who ordained to us the Son of mercy.
The fair Mary upon her knee,
Christ the King of life in her lap.
I am the cleric established,
Going round the founded stones,
I behold mansions, I behold shores,
I behold angels floating,
I behold the shapely rounded column
Coming landwards in friendship to us.

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