What is Paul’s primary concern in Romans 1?

I get the impression that many preachers consider the primary sin being highlighted in Romans 1 is homosexual sex. However, when I look at the way Paul structures his argument it would seem things are otherwise, that the primary sin being highlighted is actually idolatry. This is why the “therefore” is immediately proceeded by: “ForContinue reading “What is Paul’s primary concern in Romans 1?”

Divinity and Gender in Christianity

I’d just like to float a few thoughts here related to divinity and gender in Christianity. Whilst I would affirm that God transcends gender, and assert such a view is completely biblical, based on texts like Genesis 1:27 and others, there’s no denying that the bible uses masculine metaphors for God more often than feminineContinue reading “Divinity and Gender in Christianity”

Fertility and Divinity

With the grass being so lush and green this Beltane, with all the heat and rain, I’ve been meditating on YHWH as the source of life and fertility. In the process I’ve stumbled across a critique of Karl Barth by Walter Brueggemann, where he suggests Barth overplayed his hand in depicting YHWH as god ofContinue reading “Fertility and Divinity”

On clothing standards and sexual harassment

I am seeing many criticism of women who dress scantily yet complain of sexual harassment. May I offer a response by way of analogy? One could certainly question the wisdom of fighting theft by putting your jewellery in the front window of your home. But such silliness on the part of owners still doesn’t makeContinue reading “On clothing standards and sexual harassment”

Why is the Bible mostly about boys?

I loved this exchange I witnessed in a forum: Enquirer: How would you explain to your 6 yr old daughter why the Bible is mainly about boys and not girls? My daughter asked me this question this morning, after months of studying her children’s Bible every morning. It was a simple enough question, and IContinue reading “Why is the Bible mostly about boys?”

Can we limit God to masculine metaphors?

Here’s my view. Though God-as-father-to-Israel and God-as-husband-to-Israel metaphors are prevalent within the New and Old Testaments, they are by no means the only metaphors to be found there and closer examination reveals feminine metaphors for God as well. Moreover, some of the God-as-father metaphor found there are distinctly counter-cultural and not at all in tuneContinue reading “Can we limit God to masculine metaphors?”

Why is female circumcision practiced by some Muslims and not others?

Female circumcision is widely associated with Muslims in Western consciousness, but in truth the practice of female circumcision varies widely between different Muslim communities. Why is this? Well, I came across an intriguing explanation for this in “The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom” by Mark Durie. Mark writes: “The modern distribution of female circumcisionContinue reading “Why is female circumcision practiced by some Muslims and not others?”