On clothing standards and sexual harassment

I am seeing many criticism of women who dress scantily yet complain of sexual harassment. May I offer a response by way of analogy? One could certainly question the wisdom of fighting theft by putting your jewellery in the front window of your home. But such silliness on the part of owners still doesn’t makeContinue reading “On clothing standards and sexual harassment”

Hot under the collar over dress codes?

There have been some vigorous debates over dress codes lately but I have to ask, what would a universally acceptable dress code even look like? In some (sub)cultures full body coverings including face coverings are mandatory for all. In some (sub)cultures clothing is optional. Two extremes on a spectrum. In my own culture jeans andContinue reading “Hot under the collar over dress codes?”

Bin Laden Jesus: Offended or Over it?

Well, it seems the media attempt to stir up drama over the 2007 Blake Prize was a bit of a fizzer. When images were released depicting Mary in a burqa and Jesus morphing into Osama Bin Laden a collective yawn went out from Australia’s religious leaders. The Muslim response Ikebal Patel, President of the AustralianContinue reading “Bin Laden Jesus: Offended or Over it?”

Burquas and Bikinis

Found an interesting article by Raymond Bonner of the New York Times on Muslims lifesavers in Cronulla, site of the race riots in Sydney a bit over a year ago. Australian Muslims Go for Surf, Lifesaving and Burqinis “As a teenager growing up in a Sydney suburb, Mecca Laalaa never felt anything but Australian, evenContinue reading “Burquas and Bikinis”