Nurturing is Godlike

I was seaching the scriptures the other evening when I stumbled across a line which read, “…and is well known for her good deeds, such as bringing up children…” The line comes from 1 Timothy 5:10, amongst Paul’s instructions to Timothy on what to look for in potential matriachs of the church. Now, there’s a whole bunchContinue reading “Nurturing is Godlike”

Gay marriage: what your neighbours think

How do your neighbours feel about gay marriage? has launched an interactive tool that will show Australians, postcode by postcode. Interestingly, it shows “while most Australians are in favour, there is a wall of opposition to gay marriage running through western Sydney, one of the nation’s key election battlegrounds which both major parties mustContinue reading “Gay marriage: what your neighbours think”

Young Men And Women Use Facebook Differently

A new study has reported some interesting distinctions among young Facebook users, suggesting women and men often use Facebook in different ways. “Women, when compared to men, are much more likely to use Facebook to communicate about or share content related to friends and family. Men, by contrast, are much more likely to communicate about orContinue reading “Young Men And Women Use Facebook Differently”

10 reasons why gay rights is a religious issue?

Robyn Vestal drew my attention to an interesting article by Jay Michaelson from the San Francisco Sentinel, entitled Ten Reasons Why Gay Rights Is a Religious Issue. After arguing that “Civil rights movements that appeal to religion succeed. Those that do not, fail.” Michaelson proceeds to outline ten religious reasons for embracing gay rights, whichContinue reading “10 reasons why gay rights is a religious issue?”

Horrific tales of sex slavery

The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern.  – Proverbs 29:7 Should we care? Care enough to act? There are 27 million slaves in the world today, some of them even in Australia and America. Do you care enough to join the abolitionist movement? Here are some simpleContinue reading “Horrific tales of sex slavery”

Joyce Meyer joins critics of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Christian Today reports: Charismatic preacher Joyce Meyer has spoken out against Uganda’s highly contentious Anti-Homosexuality Bill. In a statement released Monday, Meyer said it is “increasingly evident” that the Bill introduced in the Ugandan parliament is a “profoundly offensive, dangerous and disturbing attack on the very foundation of individual liberties and human rights afforded notContinue reading “Joyce Meyer joins critics of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill”

Six important points you don’t hear about regarding clergy sexual abuse in the Catholic Church

My mate Simeon recently forwarded me a thought provoking Psychology Today article on Six important points you don’t hear about regarding clergy sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, those important points being: Catholic clergy aren’t more likely to abuse children than other clergy or men in general. Clergy sexual abuse in the Catholic Church can’t beContinue reading “Six important points you don’t hear about regarding clergy sexual abuse in the Catholic Church”

David Swanson has a sexy question

David Swanson ask a good question at Out of Ur: How does the Gospel of Jesus transform the way we think about sexuality? In other words, does the fact that Jesus was crucified and resurrected have any bearing on how we view the sexuality of others and ourselves? I like this because it brings theContinue reading “David Swanson has a sexy question”

GLBT conversations in Christian Ministry

Some of you may be interested to learn that there is an upcoming conference on Christian ministry and sexual identity in Sydney next month. Presented by Imagine Darlinghurst, an inner-city Baptist church, the conference will be running in February from Thursday 25th to Saturday the 27th. It’s primarily intended for people in ministry, to encourage peer discussion, but I understandContinue reading “GLBT conversations in Christian Ministry”