Gender Politics and Bodily Resurrection

What significance does bodily resurrection have for gender politics and the religious understanding of sexuality? I came across an interesting review of Marks of His Wounds, a book by Beth Felker Jones, the other day: It is a central tenet of Christian theology that we will be resurrected in our bodies at the last day. But weContinue reading “Gender Politics and Bodily Resurrection”

Hermaphrodite Reflections

If you have been reading the news you’ve probably heard that world athletics is in crisis with tests showing champion runner Caster Semenya is a hermaphrodite – a person with both female and male sexual characteristics. As a Christian blogger I have to ask the question, what is the Christian community to make of this? Personally IContinue reading “Hermaphrodite Reflections”

The NIV gender bender

Seems like the gender inclusive language debate is on for young and old again with the announcement that the TNIV is to be discontinued and that a new version NIV is scheduled for 2011. Personally I think this is one conversation where the old maxim of God giving us two ears and one mouth, toContinue reading “The NIV gender bender”

Is The Gay Marriage Debate Over?

Mark Gaili of Christianity Today has written a very thought provoking article on gay marriage that I would recommend you all read. While Mark comes out against gay marriage, in the process he says: We cannot very well argue for the sanctity of marriage as a crucial social institution while we blithely go about divorcing andContinue reading “Is The Gay Marriage Debate Over?”

Sensual Scripture

The Song of Songs, that most sensual of Old Testament poems, is not directly quoted by New Testament writers. But some New Testament interpreters suggest it is alluded to on a number of occasions. See what you think. The bridegroom knocks I slept but my heart was awake. Listen! My lover is knocking: “Open to me,Continue reading “Sensual Scripture”

Homoeroticism in the Biblical World

In my researches into the intersections between sexuality and spirituality I recently came across a very interesting and provocative book by Martti Nissinen, entitled, “Homoeroticism in the Biblical World”. In the opening chapters Nissinen teases out the differences between sexual orientation, gender identification, gender roles and sexual practice, going on to observe how, in theContinue reading “Homoeroticism in the Biblical World”

‘Generation sex’ as norms shift

I thought I may as well get all the taboos out there for discussion this week. In the wake of football sex scandals in Australia, attention has also focussed on the group sex practices of the young and shifting attitudes towards it. Yet dischordant voices are still heard. One young woman confesses, "It felt reallyContinue reading “‘Generation sex’ as norms shift”

Bridal Mysticism Gone Too Far

Earlier this week I spoke of the hazards of drawing on sacred marriage symbolism carelessly, particularly in the conversations between Pagans and Christians. At one point I stated, “God as husband has great explanatory value in a patriarchal culture, where vertical understandings of marital relationships are taken for granted. God as husband is an utterlyContinue reading “Bridal Mysticism Gone Too Far”