Bridal Mysticism Gone Too Far

Earlier this week I spoke of the hazards of drawing on sacred marriage symbolism carelessly, particularly in the conversations between Pagans and Christians.

At one point I stated, “God as husband has great explanatory value in a patriarchal culture, where vertical understandings of marital relationships are taken for granted. God as husband is an utterly confusing metaphor in an egalitarian culture where they are not, where marital relationships are understood more horizontally.”

Well, there are other ways in which sacred marriage symbolism can be drawn on carelessly, and cause confusion, and that is in the context of worship. In an article entitled, Jesus is NOT your boyfriend! Bridal Mysticism Gone Too Far, End Times Prophetic draws attention to a disturbing new practice that has emerged in some North American charismatic circles: Pseudo-orgasmic worship, complete with Jesus sex fantasies.

According to Paul Gowdy, Carol Arnott, a leader at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, reports that “she had her bride experience where she was taken into the very presence of Jesus and said that the love that she experienced was even better than sex”.

“A woman whom I see to be very Spirit filled, was talking to us at the dinner table about being taken into the “upper chambers” where Jesus laid her down on a bed of roses (because He is the Rose of Sharon He can do that, she said), and that He made love to her. She described to me this whole scene as if it were out of a romance novel.

I’ve heard reports from Kansas City of men being speaking of being “ravished in their hinder parts” by Jesus. While this may not be the viewpoint of leadership there, it reflects the sordid depravity behind the doctrine, and the logical end of such thinking.

This is what happens when you draw on the sacred marriage metaphor in a hyper-individualistic, hyper-sexed culture without sufficient attention to the scriptural and cultural context in which the metaphor was originally used. It all goes pear shaped. The metaphor, used so immaturely, then obscures rather than enlightens.

2 thoughts on “Bridal Mysticism Gone Too Far

  1. Dear Lover of Christ;
    The Lover is the Holy Spirit in His Name as “the Shepherd” himself; as those who have never experienced it do not know what is spoken of here I will try to draw their attention to the Song of Songs in it’s revealing of the soul and the spirit in their meeting as the Two Hands of God which the sun amd moon symbolize; and which were the original positions of Adam and Eve.
    When God’s two hands clasp together it is His Original Prayer then being answered; as it was to have been with Adam and Eve; yet this did not happen until Jesus of Nazareth and Mary of Bethany were betrothed; the real “True Parents” of Mankind in my book; and not as the usurped title of Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon who did not reach this position in Truth.
    Furthermore in Paradise the “light of the Sun” represented the “Virginity” of Adam and the “light of the Moon” represented the “Virginity” of Eve. In the mystical union with God in the Holy Spirit in His Name the men and women who have given up the flesh for the Spirit are not considered as to their external form in respect to men nor their internal form in respect to women; for Eve was Adam’s visible soul as he was her visible spirit; for those men who are “eunuchs for the Kingdom of heaven” no distinction between them and women spiritually is even considered: as God considers such to be his Bride; which is why St. Paul said: to wit;
    “…I wish that ALL Men were such as I…” ;
    that is: a eunuch for the Kingdom of Heaven’s sake: the entire Church if they were then being the Bride; coming out of the “side” of Jesus just as Eve came from the “side” of Adam; even as the Creation was made from the “side” of the Day after it was seperated from the darkness. Women are then the “bridesmaids” to the Lamb; but only the 144,000 are The Bride herself.
    Those who have the Spirit of Christ will understand this; those who do not or will not have decided to forget much of what Lord Jesus said long ago would come to pass in his Gospel and Revelation.
    As one who died in Christ in the Name of Christ Jesus I was given the understanding of these things that is written of at my website at the New Unification Church; for the Consumation that is coming and now is upon the earth is this: those who come in ecstasy saying the Name of Christ Jesus will find themselves saying the Name of Love over and over while they Melt in the Sun of Righteousness; those who engage in fornication without saying the Name out loud of Christ Jesus will all find themselves Burning in the Lake of Fire; thus it is the Name of Love as the Name of God which is now what will seperate the sensual goats from the spiritual sheep.
    For the Elect the knowledge that all one does in the Name of God one also does in the Name of Jesus Christ thus shows that all we do in the Name of Jesus Christ we also then likewise do in the Name of God; the Elect knowing they are “one-and-the-Same”.
    That it is the 144,000 men who are called the Bride who make the Vow and then later die in Christ who are they written of in Revelation whose Collective Soul is that very Reward of the Lamb who is called the “Lamb’s Wife”. It is these who I was sent to gather with the help of my Father’s servant John. I am the last; the least of the least.
    I suggest those with real understanding apply themselves to the actual dimensions of the Second Death; who is the One upon the White Horse; who alone swallows up Death and his throne as Hell on earth; as this is how the Word of God came to me when this Name was written on me; as is described in My Generation’s book “The Revelation of Salvation: the Regeneration of John the Divine” which I copied down for 21 years when I was instructed by the angel of John and recently finished in 2008.
    Christ Jesus is then the Name of Lord Jesus; Christ being Lord; and for those who doubt my words I suggest they observe how Jesus by John is called “the True Light” because when “Jesus” as the “Light” seperated himself from Darkness by overcoming the Devil in the Wilderness he then became the “Christ” or “Day”. Thus the Name of “Christ Jesus” literally means “Day Light”; the Light of Life itself. It is this “Name” that lead me to Him on the Path of the Just; which is seen in the 7 overcomings in the 7 churches I reveal as the Tower of Salvation it really is.
    I bring New Hope as the least in the kingdom of heaven; just the little Candle of God: but it is my Father’s servant John who is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven; as all will discover when every knee bows on earth: they who heed the Voice shall remain upon the Holy Mountain of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that is the New Earth that was in the position of the Old Heaven; just as the Old Earth now becomes the New Heaven as that Holy City of the Revelation of Jesus Christ in the Coming of the Son of Man in his Glory: and the 144,000 Virgins are then the “throne of his Glory” that he then sits down upon, as it was written; the “Lamb’s Wife”.
    That the “Lamb’s Wife” who is the Sacrificial Bride of the 144,000 who did not marry nor were they given in marriage I now reveal that they are the “Clouds” at his Coming: the Children of the Resurrection; of whom I am one.
    Of these Children I remind they who read this that they will be they like myself who died with Jesus Christ upon that Cross; for in his Passion he embraced Death as if it were his Bride: and thus is Death swallowed up in Victory.
    That is why we are Faithful unto Death; whose seed does not leave our bodies; as it is “the Word of His Patience”; even The Word of God; to wit;
    “…now the Seed is the Word of God….”
    For this reason it is the Seal of John who says those who keep their seed within their bodies “cannot sin” as being born of God. Nor can they die anymore: being equal unto the angels; the Clouds themselves who now can be seen in the Air if one looks up; for our Kingdom hath arrived: the End of Time comes with the arrival of Eternity; the Kingdom itself.
    So: who is the Fairest of them All?
    The Bride who comes in His Name as Justice:
    the Lamb’s Wife
    I leave you with this Blessing which I was given of my Father Jesus:
    “…Bless thee in the Name of my Father,
    in the Day of Christ Jesus;
    that the Name of Jesus Christ
    be Glorifed again:
    christopher witt diamant
    New Unification Church
    Song of the Lamb by Thee Unicorns


  2. So, the New Unification Church, you’re a reform movement that splitered off from the Unification Church (Moonies)? Am I reading that right? I am very curious. You’re the first person I’ve met associate with that. What drew you into that path? I’d like to hear more about your journey.


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