George Pell mural removed as deemed ‘offensive’

A mural featuring former Australian Catholic Archbishop George Pell in handcuffs and prison clothes, praying with a demonic figure leaning in over his shoulder, was removed this week because of complaints that it was 'offensive'. Really?! That's what people find offensive? What I find offensive are the crimes George Pell was convicted of: child sexual … Continue reading George Pell mural removed as deemed ‘offensive’

A spotters guide to Aboriginal symbols

These are some symbols you will commonly come across in Australian Aboriginal art. An important point to note is that the perspective is generally that of looking down on the land from above, as is common for maps. Because that's what Aboriginal artworks actually are. Now try testing your new skills on this painting. Can … Continue reading A spotters guide to Aboriginal symbols

Advent Down Under

To kick of the season of Advent, here is a poem by a good friend, Lucy Jarasius. Lucy is a Christian with interests in dancing, ministry with Aboriginal Australians and social justice. Adventist Dreaming ©Lucy Jarasius 2014   Iffhuwanah, Maid of Gondwana, made of earth dreaming darkly waiting for light-shining, night-splitting Amor capable of scaling … Continue reading Advent Down Under

How the church messed up with Aboriginal Australians

This image by Jacqui Stewart is entitled "Hope Beyond the Window". As an Australian Christian I find it very confronting. Here is an interpretation of the image that Jacqui passed on through her blog: ‘The above piece of work depicts the scene of half-caste Aboriginal children sitting in front of the church they were taken too after … Continue reading How the church messed up with Aboriginal Australians

What is distinctive about Australian art?

As an Australian who is interested in exploring more contextual expressions of Christianity I feel an obvious question I must ask is, is there anything distinctive about Australian art, and if so, what? I can't say I have a definitive answer but I have noted a number of sources drawing attention to an early shift … Continue reading What is distinctive about Australian art?

The Australian Soul

I thought I would share with you some interesting observations made by Gary Bouma in "Australian Soul: Religion and Spirituality in the Twenty-First Century." Although he made them back in 2006 I think they are still highly accurate and relevant. He writes: A society’s religious institution sets the levels of religious belief and practice required … Continue reading The Australian Soul