Australian Communities Report: See what Aussies do and don’t have faith in

If you’re interested in understanding religion in Australia, I highly recommend you read Tall Skinny Kiwi’s latest post, So what do Aussies REALLY think of the church? It draws attention to a recent survey from Olive Tree Media into Australians views on Christ, Christianity and ir/religion in general. If you want you can also view or download theContinue reading “Australian Communities Report: See what Aussies do and don’t have faith in”

Is there a “Christian vote” in Australia?

If you’re interested in the interface between politics and religion in highly secular cultures then, whatever your religious or irreligious leanings, I strongly encourage you to click through and read the essay “God Under Gillard: Religion and Politics in Australia” by Marrion Maddox on the ABC Religion and Ethics website. Marrion lobs a number ofContinue reading “Is there a “Christian vote” in Australia?”

Australian multiculturalism

Yesterday we heard that “the AMP-NATSEM Income and Wealth Report shows Australia is one of the most multicultural nations in the world, second only to Luxembourg and tying with Switzerland. One-quarter of our population was born overseas, almost twice the proportion of the United States and more than twice that of Britain.”

Christian Democrat Allan Green evasive on the Millenium Development Goals?

If you care about balanced Christian representation feel free to share this on. I had an interesting Facebook conversation this week with Allan Green, the CDP candidate for Greenway, where I asked him whether the Christian Democratic Party would support groups like Micah Challenge in pushing the major parties to meet their Millennium Development Goal commitments, specificallyContinue reading “Christian Democrat Allan Green evasive on the Millenium Development Goals?”

AAANZ Sydney Event – What Would Happen if We Really Tried Nonviolence?

What Would Happen if We Really Tried Nonviolence? Would it be a disaster? Would it be faithful? Would it open us some new possibilities? If it’s a question that intrigues you, or possibly even concerns you, you may want to come along to this event: AAANZ Sydney Event: “What Would Happen if We Really TriedContinue reading “AAANZ Sydney Event – What Would Happen if We Really Tried Nonviolence?”

Micah Challenge on the Australian Budget

The Australian Budget has drawn a mixed response from Micah Challenge today. “Micah Challenge calls the Australian Government to show strong leadership and to position Australia as a Samaritan nation,” said John Beckett, National Coordinator for Micah Challenge. “Jesus clearly teaches us to love our neighbour. In Australia, some of our closest Global neighbours areContinue reading “Micah Challenge on the Australian Budget”