Aboriginal Christian Painting of the Trinity and the People of God

“Wapirra Trinity” by Clarise Nampijinpa Poulson.

An Aboriginal Art website explains the image this way: “Her work of art contains, from top to bottom, the following Wapirra (Trinity) Jukurrpa. As usual in the iconography used at Yuendumu, humans are represented by U-forms. Inside the brown, nearly closed arc at the top of the painting are people who live outside of the community of Christ, people who are not yet filled by the Holy Spirit. In the left center of the painting are three more U-forms; these people have begun to turn toward the Christian faith. The nearly closed circle at the bottom of the painting shows the same people as at the top, now filled by the spirit of God and living in Wapirra into all eternity. The Holy Trinity of Father, Son and the Holy Spirit is represented in the form of three brown semi-circles in the middle right part of the painting.”

One thought on “Aboriginal Christian Painting of the Trinity and the People of God

  1. I am wondering how you got access to the trinity painting by Clarise Nampijinpa Poulson?
    I am trying to get some prints of her paintings but just can’t find out where to access any.
    I’ve seen a set of 9 nine paintings of hers in one print that depict the Gospel and I would love to buy it.
    Can you help in any way?
    Sue H


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