The Missional Spirit

Thanks to my pastor, Des, I am thinking about the Missional Spirit once more. In the past I have highlighted the need for a more empowering and ancient way of understanding the Spirit. A way beyond the ways of Cessationism, Pentecostalism and Pantheism. A way which more fully appreciates the work of the Spirit in the world. A way which, in a word, is more missional.

There are a number of contours I think need to be explored here:

  1. Worship as the foundation for witness ; Spirituality as a foundation for mission
  2. The Spirit as Christ-centred in orientation and Christ-like in character
  3. General and Special activity of the Spirit, recognized and unrecognized
  4. Engaging with the language of Spirit in different religious movements
  5. Demonic fears as, sometimes, undiagnosed culture shock
  6. Prayer as a compliment to evangelism, not a substitute
  7. Idolatry as a more helpful category than demonology when engaging with other religions, given that idols include good thinks inappropriately worshipped as ultimate things, and not just bad things.
  8. Gifts of the Spirit and fruit of the Spirit

If there are any you think I should add, comment away.

2 thoughts on “The Missional Spirit

  1. God’s mission (Missio Dei) as the foundational lens through which we contemplate, under the inspiration of Christ’s Spirit, how we can cooperate with and partner with God in all of the above in promoting the in-breaking reign of Christ through our personal lives and in community with others.
    God’s love for “the other” (whether friend, neighbour, enemy or not yet known neighbour) as the basis, the incentive and the driving force for all we do in mission.


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