Why it is important to recognise there are diverse sources of diversity.

When it comes to contextualising Christianity and everything that entails I find it is important to recognise that there are diverse sources of diversity within contemporary society. Too often Christian missional literature focuses on culture purely in terms of nationality or ethnicity. But I find it is often just important to recognise the ways gender, … Continue reading Why it is important to recognise there are diverse sources of diversity.

Western Buddha, Eastern Jesus

More and more I find language of "eastern religion" and "western religion" superficial and outmoded, if not down right ignorant and misleading. For starters, both Christianity and Buddhism are "world religions" that transcended their ancestral homes millennia ago. But more, their demographic centres of gravity are shifting, to the point where western Buddhism and eastern Christianity … Continue reading Western Buddha, Eastern Jesus

Thoughts on culture

In the past cultural diversity was a consequence of information scarcity. We could not assimilate what we had so little access to. We had no choice, cultural differentiation was inevitable. In the future cultural diversity will be a consequence of information glut. We can’t assimilate everything we have access to. We each make choices, cultural … Continue reading Thoughts on culture

The Theology of Multi-Ethnic Church

If you're interested in glocal Christianity, that is, exploring emerging expressions of Christianity in globalized locales, then I'd recommend reading the latest Out of Ur interview with Mark DeYmaz. It's entitled, The Theology of Multi-Ethnic Church, and explores the fact that diversity isn't just a social issues, it's a biblical one. If you're unfamiliar with Mark, … Continue reading The Theology of Multi-Ethnic Church

Emerging Mini Movements

I was just reading Mark Sayers latest reflection on the emerging missional church: The Emerging Missional Church Fractures into Mini Movements. Mark classifies the emerging mini movements as follows: Neo-Anabaptists: "Some have called this movement the new monastics ... This movement tends to be pacifist, favours incarnational living amongst the urban poor, and has a strong distrust … Continue reading Emerging Mini Movements