Is Christianity Inclusive?

Tell me what you think of this article, "Diversity, Inclusion, and Tolerance. Where do they fit in Christianity?" I think it makes a number of valid points. For instance, I agree that the intolerance shown towards Christianity by self appointed champions of tolerance is a wee bit ironic and hypocritical. But I think the author … Continue reading Is Christianity Inclusive?

No Christian Believes Just These Things

I was reading an interview with Tim Keller where he was talking about Christian diversity and the ancient creeds and said, “All Christians believe all these things, but no Christian believes just these things.” What a wonderful summary of Christian diversity I though, emphasising both those words. None of us affirm just the essentials.

Christian Diversity

The other evening I was thinking about Christian diversity and how to explain the differences between Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant traditions to new believers and interested enquirers. Now, I am sure there are many ways to approach this but after some reflection I am inclined to suggest that the critical difference comes down to different … Continue reading Christian Diversity