No Christian Believes Just These Things

I was reading an interview with Tim Keller where he was talking about Christian diversity and the ancient creeds and said, “All Christians believe all these things, but no Christian believes just these things.” What a wonderful summary of Christian diversity I though, emphasising both those words. None of us affirm just the essentials.

3 thoughts on “No Christian Believes Just These Things

  1. Have you read “The Reason for God”? It’s an apologetic work – and you don’t need converting – but I think it’s the best one I’ve read. (I haven’t read “Simply Christian” yet, though. It’s on its way.)


  2. I flicked through it in a bookstore. Have a shelf full of half read books so I didn’t need another one but it looked ok at face value. I would enjoy reading you blog about it.


  3. I’m not very good a book reviews, but I’ll consider putting one together. The quotes that I’ve been putting up over the past few days (and over the next couple of weeks) are from Keller’s book (though they are not quotes of Keller himself).


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