The Anthropic Principle as a Humanist God of the Gaps

Lee Smolin makes an interesting observation about String Theorists in “The Trouble with Physics: The Rise of String Theory, The Fall of a Science and What Comes Next”. He states, “The scenario of many unobserved universes plays the same logical role as the scenario of an intelligent designer. Each provides an untestable hypothesis that, if true,Continue reading “The Anthropic Principle as a Humanist God of the Gaps”

Mikhail Epstein on Post-Atheism

Some interesting remarks by Mikhail Epstein on Post-Atheism in Eastern Europe: “What we are facing is an extreme form of apophaticism, in which God appears as the radically Other, the Stranger, irrevocably distant from humans.” “Contemporary culture is religious in the sense that it is looking for nothing other than Otherness itself.” “The angel represents theContinue reading “Mikhail Epstein on Post-Atheism”

Why I Feel Like Giving Up On Faith

Have you ever heard Atheists define faith this way: “I regard faith as religious belief which is held without evidence. If someone thinks that a bus will arrive on time per its schedule, then that person has trust or confidence, not faith.” It is a false dichotomy of course. One which many thoughtful Christians wouldContinue reading “Why I Feel Like Giving Up On Faith”

Why is Nietzsche so ignored by New Atheists?

John Gray writes: “There can be little doubt that Nietzsche is the most important figure in modern atheism, but you would never know it from reading the current crop of unbelievers, who rarely cite his arguments or even mention him. Today’s atheists cultivate a broad ignorance of the history of the ideas they fervently preach,Continue reading “Why is Nietzsche so ignored by New Atheists?”

What is your view on prayers in parliament?

I think it is importance to distinguish between “freedom of religion” and “freedom from religion” as some would prefer to phrase it. I think it is ridiculous to expect a non-Christian to be obliged to say Christian prayers by law, but likewise I object when secular principles are used to quash Christians from expressing themselvesContinue reading “What is your view on prayers in parliament?”

Raptor Jesus and the Flying Spaghetti Monster

This image combines two popular Atheist memes which are aimed at Christians in general and six day creationists in particular: the Flying Spaghetti Monster, their counter to the idea of a Creator God, and Raptor Jesus, an in your face reference to evolution, extinction and aggressive proselytising. I take such parodying as an expression of anger,Continue reading “Raptor Jesus and the Flying Spaghetti Monster”

Church for Athiests now in Australia

Surfing through some of the comments on The Spirit of Things website I learned that The Sunday Assembly, described by a member of the Atheist Society as “a Hillsong for non-believers”, has set up a daughter organisation in Melbourne, Australia. Following this up I learned the local founder is comedian and writer Pippa Evans. I findContinue reading “Church for Athiests now in Australia”

Godless Gatherings: Churches for Atheists

Fascinating video on Godless Gatherings. I hear folks like this are being dubbed as “New, New Atheists”. I find myself asking, “How can this expand our understanding of the religious impulse?”, “What exactly is emerging here?”, and “How might this co-option of church style prompt further evolution in Christianity and our understanding of Christian communityContinue reading “Godless Gatherings: Churches for Atheists”

Philosophers argue killing newborns is morally justified

Australian philosophers have unleashed a firestorm of criticism over their claim that the killing newborns is morally the same as abortion and should be permissible if the mother wishes it. They claim this ”after-birth abortion” is moral as long as it is painless, because the baby is not harmed by missing out on a life it cannotContinue reading “Philosophers argue killing newborns is morally justified”

The New Atheist Captivity To Western Christianity

Not so long ago I drew attention to Ninian Smart’s concept of the seven dimensions of religion, seeking to show how different aspects of religion differ in importance between different religions, and by implication, just how misguided it can sometimes be to speak of religion exclusively or even primarily in terms of doctrine, creed orContinue reading “The New Atheist Captivity To Western Christianity”