How to care for the apathetic?

As we approach Christmas, I’ve been reminded again and again that the majority of Australians aren’t anti-Christian, because to be anti-anything it would imply they cared. What they are is apathetic. Jesus is not rejected with vitrol, but with a yawn. It would be a misnomer to call such Australians Atheist. Atheists at least have convictionContinue reading “How to care for the apathetic?”

Heavenly Hitchens? Oh Please!

I’ve been bamboozled by the Christian commentary I’m seeing this evening on New Atheist author Christopher Hitchens. Having heard of his long anticipated death Christians leaders are falling over themselves trying to explain how he’s now, or just might be, in heaven. Just to show how nice and non-judgemental we all are. It strikes meContinue reading “Heavenly Hitchens? Oh Please!”

Religion poisons everything … except the English language?

This evening I find The Christian Post has been quoting an article from Vanity Fair in which Atheist author Christopher Hitchens “pays tribute” to the King James Bible. Thinking I’d check this “tribute” at the source, I found it half way through a Hitchens ramble on Bible translation history. Hitchens states, “Though I am sometimes reluctant to admit it,Continue reading “Religion poisons everything … except the English language?”

Raptor Jesus went extinct for your sins?

Okay, so only a few of you have heard of Raptor Jesus? Let me enlighten you then. Raptor Jesus is a 4chan meme that involves crudely photoshopping raptor heads onto Jesus bodies. The meme is popular amongst New Atheists and other critics of Christianity. Here’s one example: For more examples see  Raptor Jesus Art. I suspectContinue reading “Raptor Jesus went extinct for your sins?”

Should we be opposing secular ethics classes?

Earlier today the Sydney Morning Herald drew attention a Bishops entering the battle against secular ethics classes. They write “THE Bishop of North Sydney has urged Anglican priests to collect information from principals of public schools to stop the spread of the secular ethics classes the Sydney Anglicans believe may threaten religious education.” I have to question the Bishop’s approachContinue reading “Should we be opposing secular ethics classes?”

Atheist Synod affirms Dawkins as Saint

Religions of the world spontaneously combusted yesterday after Richard Dawkins’ eloquent deconstruction of God, spirituality and everything at the Atheist synod in Melbourne, Australia. Buddhists were seen running screaming from the room, Catholic nuns fainted enmass, Hindus renounced yoga in favour of cigarettes, porno and British accents and Muslim imams were heard muttering, “There isContinue reading “Atheist Synod affirms Dawkins as Saint”

Atheist Ad Blooper

Times Online has reported that the children chosen to front the latest Atheist Bus campaign as icons of humanism are actually from a Christian family, evangelical in fact. Their former pastor says, “I think it is hilarious that the happy and liberated children on the atheist poster are in fact Christian.” Given the campaign slogan ofContinue reading “Atheist Ad Blooper”