Do Atheists Believe in Freedom of (Ir)Religion?

Do Atheists believe in freedom of religion? Fortunately I can say I’ve encountered many that do, but many more seem to have an amazing propensity to confuse freedom of religion with freedom from religion.

What’s the diff? Just this: freedom of religion seats everyone, Atheists included, around a round table with one another; freedom from religion seats Atheists at the head of the table, in a privileged “neutral” referee role. I am sure some Atheists think that’s grand, but I am not so sure it makes them any better than fundamentalists vying for the same seat. I am not sure they realise how totalitarian such aspirations really are. We missional Christians, chastened by our past, see the danger in that seat. They don’t seem to see it yet.

An example of this tendency to get confused over freedoms can be seen in Friendly Atheist’s recent post on “workplace proselytisation”. I would encourage you to read it here. What is workplace proselytisation? Apparently it’s mentioning God in any way, shape or form in the course of your everyday life. If our talk is not sufficiently irreligious, that is, irreligiously “neutral” (LOL), we’re being oppressive.

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