Raptor Jesus and the Flying Spaghetti Monster


This image combines two popular Atheist memes which are aimed at Christians in general and six day creationists in particular: the Flying Spaghetti Monster, their counter to the idea of a Creator God, and Raptor Jesus, an in your face reference to evolution, extinction and aggressive proselytising.

I take such parodying as an expression of anger, pain and distain delivered with rather broad brush strokes.

But here is a question: have you ever observed that Atheist art is so much more emotionally engaging when it is being anti-Christian than when it is being pro-Atheist? Their path is rather dry when it shifts away from protest. I doubt Atheism would get nearly so much media attention if Christians and Muslims around the world behaved more respectfully towards one another … and others … especially scientists.

I doubt that would stop Atheists protesting about Christianity. But if they must protest, let us make sure Atheists are protesting about the right things – the foolishness of the gospel – and not the wrong things – the foolishness of pseudo-science and moral hypocrisy – by actually keeping the main thing, the main thing in our conversations. I would count it a success if I saw Atheists actually mocking the gospel for a change.

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