Mikhail Epstein on Post-Atheism

Some interesting remarks by Mikhail Epstein on Post-Atheism in Eastern Europe:

“What we are facing is an extreme form of apophaticism, in which God appears as the radically Other, the Stranger, irrevocably distant from humans.”

“Contemporary culture is religious in the sense that it is looking for nothing other than Otherness itself.”

“The angel represents the purest form of God-presence in the absence of God himself.”

Contemporary angels are messengers without a Message”

“Angelism is a sort of heavenly pluralism.”

“In the Postmodern age, pure polytheism, monotheism or agnosticism are impossible. All that remains possible is the condition of possibility itself, embodied in the phenomenon of angels without God, messengers without a Message, and vague metaphysical rumors instead of Revelation reaching us from the beyond.”

“Atheism, as has already been pointed out, was the crassest and most extreme manifestation of apophaticism. It negated not only the possibility of knowing God but the very existence of God.”

“For a minimal believer, God exists above and beyond all religions,”

“Those people who have found God in the wilderness feel that the walls of the existing temples are too narrow for them and should be expanded.”

“The third is ‘poor’ or ‘minimal’ religion, which is free from historical divisions and seeks the unification of all religions in the gap between existing churches and the fullness of a future Epiphany.”


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