Is injustice without consequence?

Was it unjust of Jesus to warn of coming judgement for Israel and the nations? Personally I see the teaching of judgement as having a lot in common with the teaching of karma. It is the simple observation that actions have consequences, socially as well as personally. Unfortunately I think the teaching has been much abused by Christians over the years, so there’s much we need to unlearn first, before we can understand it as Christ did.

Lowering the bar for our political benefactors

constantineEver since the Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity there has been pressure for church leaders to lower the bar of morality for political leaders who support them.

As a consequence, whilst the Christian understanding of salvation has tended to remain anchored in Christ, the Christian understanding of morality has tended to lose its moorings in the life and teaching of Jesus. Sometimes finding anchor in Moses and other Old Testament figures instead, sometimes drifting even further.

On clothing standards and sexual harassment

I am seeing many criticism of women who dress scantily yet complain of sexual harassment.

May I offer a response by way of analogy? One could certainly question the wisdom of fighting theft by putting your jewellery in the front window of your home. But such silliness on the part of owners still doesn’t make theft any less theft.

Why did Jesus tell the disciples to buy swords?

Everytime there is a mass shooting in America and a cry goes out for gun law reform, I invariably hear someone citing Jesus’ instruction to buy swords in Luke 22:35-38 as justification for violent self defence and legislative inaction. Interpreting it as such is problematic though.

Consider: what did Jesus say the two swords were “enough” for? Clearly the two swords were nowhere near “enough” to arm all eleven disciples. It’s doubtful the two swords would have been “enough” to defend Jesus against a “crowd” either, particularly one that included professional “officers of the Temple guard”. Two swords were however “enough” to fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah 53:12 according to Jesus in Luke 22:37.

That Jesus was probably thinking more in terms of prophetic fulfillment than self defence is underscored by the fact that, when Peter did try to defend Jesus with a sword, he was commanded by Jesus to put the sword away.


Why is the Bible mostly about boys?

I loved this exchange I witnessed in a forum:

Enquirer: How would you explain to your 6 yr old daughter why the Bible is mainly about boys and not girls? My daughter asked me this question this morning, after months of studying her children’s Bible every morning. It was a simple enough question, and I think the answer should be simple, yet… I could not seem to come up with an adequate answer for her.

Responder: A lot of the Bible is about people doing dumb things…. boys are better at doing dumb things. 😉