The Sacred Marriage in Pagan and Christian Dialogue

Is YHWH unbalanced without a wife? I recently had a conversation with a number of Pagans and Christians that was very helpful for me in crystalizing my thinking on gender and God and why Pagans and Christians often end up talking past each other on God and gender issues. I now think a significant pieceContinue reading “The Sacred Marriage in Pagan and Christian Dialogue”

Gender Differences in Blogging

After trying out the GenderAnalyzer, courtesy of TallSkinnyKiwi, I decided to get a bit more serious and see how it worked, or at least how it was supposed to work. In the process I came across a number of articles, including What Men and Women Blog About and Of Men, Women, and Computers: DataDriven Gender ModelingContinue reading “Gender Differences in Blogging”

Wiccan Rites: Symbolic Sado-Masochism?

I just found the most fascinating essay on the EBSCO database entitled, Inappropriate Sexuality? Sex Magic, S/M and Wicca (or ‘Whipping Harry Potter’s Arse!’) Despite the tongue in cheek subtitle the researcher, Jo Pearson, is quite serious and has quite a few interesting things to say about the fluffier end of the Pagan spectrum. HereContinue reading “Wiccan Rites: Symbolic Sado-Masochism?”

Penis snatch witchcraft panic hits Congo

I wonder what Freud would say about this latest religious news. Journalists have reported that “Police in Congo have arrested 13 suspected sorcerers accused of using black magic to steal or shrink men’s penises after a wave of panic and attempted lynchings triggered by the alleged witchcraft.” I can see the US rumours now, “WatchContinue reading “Penis snatch witchcraft panic hits Congo”

Sydney Anglicans to Boycott Lambeth

In the news, “The Anglican Archbishop of Sydney has revealed the Sydney diocese will boycott this year’s worldwide gathering of Anglican bishops because of the church’s stance on homosexuality.” See the Sydney Morning Herald for the full article and the Australian Anglican Primate’s response. One step closer to schism?

Christianity: Intrinsically Patriarchal?

Is the patriarchal past of Christianity blown out of all proportion these days? I was thinking about this the other day, about how come Christianity is so often invoked when many religions have unresolved baggage, when even amongst followers of the goddess you will still find a hell of a lot of the authors inContinue reading “Christianity: Intrinsically Patriarchal?”

Clerical Celebacy: A Question of Inheritance Control?

I was going through a stack of old articles when I came across an old favourite on sexual ethics. It is called Mandatory Celibacy and Sexual Ethics in the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church.  The article explores the history of mandatory celibacy for clerics within the Catholic church the power games that undergirdContinue reading “Clerical Celebacy: A Question of Inheritance Control?”

Conversations with an Emergent Kiwi

We had the Emergent Kiwi, Steve Taylor, over for dinner on Wednesday night. Steve was over in Sydney for a conferance called Faith in a Hyphen, which was aimed at “exploring one of the key issues facing Christian faith and contemporary society, that of how to respond to issues of cultural and religious diversity.” IContinue reading “Conversations with an Emergent Kiwi”