Playing the Victim Game

A big problem I see with identity politics is that it encourages communities to indulge in rival victim narratives. Everyone wants to present themselves as the victim, as the underdog, irrespective of their comparative experience. Indeed it's probably true to say everyone has experienced victimisation in some ways, even victimisers, so it's a tempting game … Continue reading Playing the Victim Game

Missionary societies and the west

I have been revisiting Ralph Winter’s old but influential article on “The Two Structures of God’s Redemptive Mission”. In it he observes how, down through the ages, there have often been two distinct structures operative within the Christian movement. An observation that has missional implications. The first structure is what we typically call a church. … Continue reading Missionary societies and the west

Beyond human-centred faith

I find the biggest difference with deeper greener styles of Christianity is their post-anthropocentrism. That is, they are not so human centred. Instead of limiting their spiritual focus to the relationship of God to humanity, or even more myopically, of God to the individual, a more expansive awareness is embraced. So not only is the relationship of God to the human considered but so … Continue reading Beyond human-centred faith