Bin Laden Jesus: Offended or Over it?

Well, it seems the media attempt to stir up drama over the 2007 Blake Prize was a bit of a fizzer. When images were released depicting Mary in a burqa and Jesus morphing into Osama Bin Laden a collective yawn went out from Australia’s religious leaders. The Muslim response Ikebal Patel, President of the AustralianContinue reading “Bin Laden Jesus: Offended or Over it?”

Ganesha and Jesus in transit

Maybe it’s my love of paradox or my Aussie irreverence, but I am drawn to religious art with an iconoclastic twist. Take this one, “Sad Jesus” by fearn. It’s hardly what you would call a devotional piece but it touches me because this very much reflects my life, commuting each days with Hindus, Buddhists andContinue reading “Ganesha and Jesus in transit”

Mambo da Messiah

Here’s a few Reg Mombassa paintings from his “Australian Jesus” collection. Temptation in the light industrial garden of Eden Australian Jesus counseling a diplomat Priest beer I have always loved Reg’s art, even though these Christ “inspired” arts works here are hardly Christian in the true sense of the word. But they grab my attention. AndContinue reading “Mambo da Messiah”