Tony Jones Reports from Black Stump in Australia

I just spotted that Tony Jones uploaded a video onto Emergent Village from the Black Stump Festival that is currently underway down here in Sydney. It was curious in a way, overhearing the observations of others about us. Helpful too. Tony notes that Australia is very similar to America in many ways, except when we sayContinue reading “Tony Jones Reports from Black Stump in Australia”

Joel Osteen coming to Hillsong Conference

It has come to my attention that Hillsong Church has invited Word of Faith teachers Joel Osteen and Jentezen Franklin as keynote speakers for Hillsong Conference 09. I find this very interesting as it suggests that, increased commitments to charity aside, Hillsong are still very much captive to the ‘name it and claim it’ prosperity gospel. HereContinue reading “Joel Osteen coming to Hillsong Conference”

Bible literacy slipping amongst Australians

This is hardly surprising but findings from the last Church Life Survey has confirmed bible literacy slipping amongst Australian Christians. Yesterday the Sydney Morning Herald reported: IT MIGHT be the greatest story ever told, but Bible literacy is slipping and not just among atheists. Devout churchgoers, especially Catholics, are losing touch with the scriptures of theirContinue reading “Bible literacy slipping amongst Australians”

Sydney Anglicans Going Missional?

Mission demands downsizing Sunday. This was the message of Total Church author Steve Timmis to Sydney Anglicans recently at Moore College. You can read the full article at Now the curious thing here is Timmis was apparently quite keen to distance himself from the emerging church movement (“He says it just a historical accidentContinue reading “Sydney Anglicans Going Missional?”

You Need More Money? Like Jesus Huh?

With the megachurch Hillsong being so evasive about its history this month I thought it was only fair to remind the world of another little gem that seems to have been exorcised from the historical records, this spiritual tome by the lead pastor, Brian Heuston, entitled “You Need More Money”. Guys, I appreciate that theContinue reading “You Need More Money? Like Jesus Huh?”

Converting to Islam: an Australian woman’s story

When you hear the word “Muslim” what is the first image that comes to mind? A white Australian woman? Possibly not? This is the story of one such convert. I find it valuable, as a Christian, to listen to such stories. And ask myself, why? Why was she drawn towards Islam? In a country likeContinue reading “Converting to Islam: an Australian woman’s story”

Scientology protests in Australia

Videos here from the anti-Scientology protests across Australia earlier today. Feeling very uneasy about this. Not that I’m a fan of Scientology by any stretch of the imagination. But I struggle to see how it is going to make any positive difference. Persecution rarely does. But besides that, I also have concerns about how easyContinue reading “Scientology protests in Australia”

Christianity in Australia

Questions of Identity What does it mean to be a Christian who’s Australian? What does it mean to be an Australian who’s a Christian? These are questions I thought would be interesting to explore today on Australia Day. I find Australian Christian identity a challenging topic to write about, not only because Christianity is inContinue reading “Christianity in Australia”

Australian Emerging Women Leaders

I received a request from Julie Clawson today that is very appropriate for Australia Day: Hi – Over at the Emerging Women blog we are starting a new series which will highlight the stories of women leaders in the church.  The purpose of this is to raise awareness of how women are serving God andContinue reading “Australian Emerging Women Leaders”