State of the Australian Blogsosphere

I have just seen that was ranked 64th in the list of Australia’s noisiest bloggers – Winter 07. Nice to finally make it to the top 100 in Australia but I must take it with a little grain of salt given the way I bounce up and down in the rankings depending onContinue reading “State of the Australian Blogsosphere”

Australia Day Synchroblog

If you’re an Aussie blogger I have a question for you. Are you interested in doing a spot of synchronized blogging on Australia Day in 2008? Christianity in Australia The proposed topic is “Christianity in Australia” and the idea would be for each person participating to write a post (or more if you like) onContinue reading “Australia Day Synchroblog”

Australian Elections – How Should I Vote Quiz

GetUp Australia have launched a quiz with a difference this week in advance of the Australian Federal Elections. Not sure who your ideal candidate is? Find out at! Simply type in you post code, answer a few questions, and out comes your own personalised “how to vote” card. Here’s mine: This came with aContinue reading “Australian Elections – How Should I Vote Quiz”

Emerging church bloggers in Australia

I was pleasantly surprised to read today that Paul Teusner from Fishers, Surfers and Castors will be up in Sydney for the Coming Out Conference on 14-16 December to present work from his PhD on emerging church bloggers in Australia. You see, earlier today I thought I’d scope out his site to see how hisContinue reading “Emerging church bloggers in Australia”

Hillsong may sue over Idol

HILLSONG church is not ruling out legal action against Today Tonight it was revealed today. My regular readers will recall I lambasted Today Tonight over their hatchet job of Hillsong last week, voicing “By the end of the show I still had no idea how many, if any, of the Australian Idol finalists were actuallyContinue reading “Hillsong may sue over Idol”

Hillsong Idol Hijack?

Today Tonight, an Australian current affairs program, ran an exposé on Hillsong earlier this evening which left me shaking my head afterwards. Wish I had a video feed for you. Why it left me shaking my head was that Today Tonight exposed more about journalistic bias against Christians, and ignorance about Christians, than anything meaningfulContinue reading “Hillsong Idol Hijack?”

The Decline of Christianity in Australia

The Christian Research Association has released some of its preliminary findings about shifts in religion in Australia from its analysis of the 2006 Australian Census data. You can read the Sydney Morning Herald article here, but some of the important findings to take note of are: The number of Australians identifying themselves as Christian willContinue reading “The Decline of Christianity in Australia”

Peacemaking for Christians in the 21st Century

I came across a speech by Peter Garrett, shadow minister for the environment, that I thought deserved some wider circulation within the Christian community in Australia, and amongst the evangelical left in particular. It concerns the continuing war in Iraq and the shape of Christian politics in Australia and is just as relevant for todayContinue reading “Peacemaking for Christians in the 21st Century”

Hillsong: The Bulletin Report

On the way to work today I spotted that the Bulletin has done another article on Hillsong. The article, Book of Revelations, is an expose of life in Hillsong from the perspective of a former member: “Tanya Levin spent her formative years at Hillsong. Disillusioned, she began to question its gospel of wealth. We presentContinue reading “Hillsong: The Bulletin Report”

Mythology, Aussie Style

In his article “Junkies, thieves, idiots and depressives” David Dale explores what makes Australian culture and mythology distinctive, and what make foreign imports unpalatable. Apparently the film-makers of Australia have taken to heart the theme song of Mad Max 3: “We don’t need another hero; We don’t need to know the way home.” They seemContinue reading “Mythology, Aussie Style”