Videos here from the anti-Scientology protests across Australia earlier today. Feeling very uneasy about this. Not that I’m a fan of Scientology by any stretch of the imagination. But I struggle to see how it is going to make any positive difference. Persecution rarely does.

But besides that, I also have concerns about how easy attacks one religion could spill over into attacks against other religions. I would rather not have the fires of xenophobia fanned in this country thank you very much. I am sure there are far more effective ways of subverting the attempt of Scientologists to subvert the openness of YouTube than this.

And really, are Scientologists really that much of a threat? I mean, is the legalism of Scientologist leaders winning them mass conversions? I haven’t seen any evidence for it. So why not explore other approaches. I wonder have any of these protestors actually met any Scientologists?

One thought on “Scientology protests in Australia

  1. I’m guessing there are a small number of people seriously hurt by Scientology for various reasons, and a large number of people who enjoy the chance to attack a strange institution that has little means to fight back.
    Interesting that a lot of the Anonymous crowd are against all/many religions. I read lots of comments “Today Scientology, tomorrow Islam/Catholics/etc”.


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