More Scientology accusations in Australia. Now what?

Scientology is in the spotlight again this week with a Four Corners exposé on the L R Hubbard inspired movement: "The allegations in tonight’s program include first hand accounts that some women have been coerced into having abortions because the Sea Org does not allow its members to have children while they work in the … Continue reading More Scientology accusations in Australia. Now what?

Scientology protests in Australia

Videos here from the anti-Scientology protests across Australia earlier today. Feeling very uneasy about this. Not that I'm a fan of Scientology by any stretch of the imagination. But I struggle to see how it is going to make any positive difference. Persecution rarely does. But besides that, I also have concerns about how easy … Continue reading Scientology protests in Australia

Celebrity Spirituality

The celebrity Kabbalah craze just keeps hitting them headlines. Here's some of the latest news and gossip. We've all heard that Deborra-Lee Furness is back in Australia with hubby Wolverine ... ahem, sorry ... Hugh Jackman for movie launches and whatnot. Well it seems while away she's developed an interest in Kabbalah amongst other things. … Continue reading Celebrity Spirituality